About the Project

The Post-Digital Book Arts (PDBA) project takes advantage of the present moment of transition between print and electronic media forms to examine what the “book” is in our post-digital world. We have four closely integrated objectives that bring together two definitions of the “post-digital book arts:” the book arts as they have been impacted by the digital revolution, and the incorporation of digital technologies into the book arts in order to make digital artists’ books.

  • to investigate the relationship between the commercial success of the e-book and renewed interest in past printing practices and hand-crafted books, including the creation and/or success of businesses and artists devoted to fine printing.
  • to use critical making and research creation methodologies to create examples of post-digital artists’ books, works that blend digital and traditional practices and that are created by collaborative teams of artists, programmers, and scholars. These creations will both challenge existing assumptions about the digital book and open up new areas for technical innovation.
  • to communicate research results through innovative academic, artistic, and public media forms including written papers and conference presentations, articles in scholarly journals and art magazines, a gallery exhibition of experimental objects, a website, and videos.
  • to bring a team of interdisciplinary scholars, artists, and students together in order to foster creative innovation and to train students in professional skills that bridge the academic, technical and artistic.

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The Post-Digital Book Arts project has been made possible by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The project website is hosted by the University of Saskatchewan Libary. Bookbot was drawn by Yonina Rollack.

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